We all are trained from day one in school to get good grades and find the best possible job for the pay we can possibly muster with the education we choose and receive.

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That one day where we land that job and work, work, work to establish a career to be able to have a nice retirement. Somewhere down the line one meets someone they wish to start a family with and sure the both of you are definitely "career-oriented" to a certain point, then the family start to come into the picture.

I'm sure you are still wanting to work and make a living, but now you want to be there for all the awesome moments your kids have because they seem to grow up in a blink of an eye and missing stuff doesn't seem ideal.

I saw people were asking for feed back on reddit about what jobs in America have a great work and family life balance.

Remote Working


Now-a-days after the peak of the lock down in our country, working from home became very normal and is now offered as a hiring incentive.

Government Jobs


Government jobs seem very enticing as a person gets older. Good pay, great hours 5 days a week and benefits for the whole family.

Tech Industry


This may fall under the "work from home" category, but this one has been a work form home job before it was cool to have one. I have a friend that has been in I.T. for 15 years. Nothing changed for him during the pandemic.

Does your job allow for a good home/work balance? Let us know on social media.

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