What Do You Do At A 4-Way Stop In Montana?

I grew up in a town that had literally one 4-way stop, so by the time I took my driving test, I felt pretty confident in what to do at it.

I am not sure that the same could be said for everyone else out there on our Montana roads.

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I am not alone in noticing some pretty bad drivers out there either, as it's something that's earned the ire of JD.

One easy place to see if someone is a clueless driver or not is at a 4-way stop.

A man scratching his head stands by a 4 way stop sign with a question mark on the other side

Know The Law: Who Goes First At A 4-Way Stop In Montana?

The biggest hurdle in navigating a 4-way stop is knowing who does what when you are all sitting at one.

With that in mind, I'm going to give you 5 surprisingly easy tips on what to do when you come to a 4-way stop in Montana. Also this will ensure that JD doesn't have an aneurysm anytime soon.

A man whose head has exploded has smoke coming out the top
  1. Know Who Goes First: When coming to a 4-way stop the person who reaches the stop first has the right of way. If two arrive together, then the driver on the right hand side goes first. If unsure who was there first, side on the err of caution and let the other driver go first.
  2. Always Come To A Complete Stop: Even if there are no other drivers and cars around you must come to a complete stop. For starters, it's the law, and also it will keep everyone safe.
  3. Be Predictable: Coming to a complete stop, yielding the right of way and using your turn signals and communicating your intentions will make sure everyone knows what you plan on doing and again keeps all drivers and passengers safe.
  4. Yield To Pedestrians: Pedestrians will always have the right of way, even if they aren't in the crosswalk. Stay alert and keep your eyes open.
  5. Don't Rush or Make Assumptions: By taking your time, communicating and not rushing the stop you'll reduce your chance at an accident or worse.

Following these tips will not only keep you safe, but you won't have to worry about one of these guys pulling up behind you. 👇

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