Growing up in Miles City, Montana... I've had my fair share of Bucking Horse Sale fun throughout the years. I thought I had done it all, from being able to drink my buddies under the table... to dancing the night away on Main Street. Though, as it turns out, I hadn't scratched the surface.

See, back in 2021... this article was published on May 24 (MY BIRTHDAY!) and it showed one rowdy cowboy treating the street light like a saddle. But, not to be outdone, it happened again... 2 years later.

And it'll happen again, maybe even this year. But, if you don't attend the Bucking Horse Sale... how else could you catch these legendary BHS moments?

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Miles City Live

This might shock you... but little ol' Miles City has had a "LIVE" camera for quite a few years now. In fact, I was one of the people in the mix, owning and hosting the camera as "MilesCam" in the 2010s. I let that project die, as I was tired of funding it... but thankfully, Luci's Office in Miles City took it on... monetized it... and it lives 24/7 online!

The camera, now called "Miles City Live", can be found at the button below... and tonight, tomorrow, and throughout the weekend... you can catch many of the Bucking Horse Sale festivities.

Like What?

Street Dances, The Parade... Oh, and a lot to drink! Here... 2008 Josh does a better job describing it, in this classic clip from when I worked at 92.3 KYUS FM in Downtown Miles City...

(I THINK it is 2008... my archived file claims 2013, but that can't be accurate.)

(Credit: Josh Rath Audio Archives)

Funny thing... we partnered with the Cellar Casino to play 92.3 from their outdoor rooftop patio during the Friday afternoon transition to street dance mode... so everyone downtown also heard that. Maybe, just maybe... you might remember that. ;)

Either way, enjoy Bucking Horse Sale if you are headed to Cowtown USA... or, be like me. Stay home, kick back with your favorite recreational choices... and enjoy the view from the camera.

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