WOW! Take A Look Inside Montana's Staggering Largest House

If you have ever thought to yourself "where is the biggest house in Montana," well you are in the right place.

This house is massive, and not only is it big, it is also located on your own personal island as well.

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The website Angi, formerly known as Angie's List has published a list of each state's biggest house.

While Montana's house is not the biggest in America, that honor goes to New York, it is still a massive 24,000 square feet 5 bedroom 8 bath house known as Shelter Island Estate.

That is over 13 times bigger than an average house in Montana, and that is just the house, as the property also has an extra 10,000 square feet of outside space.

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A house with a for sale sign in the yard, but a "sold" sticker is over the sign

Sadly The House Is No Longer For Sale

We mentioned how big this house was compared to the average house size in Montana, which is just under 1,800 square feet for reference, want to guess how big the boat house is?

Oh we didn't mention the boat house yet? Well it is a 2 bedroom 4 bath house guest/boat house with 3 stories totaling 5,289 square feet, which would put it just under 3 times the average Montana house size.

Before you break open you piggy bank and grab all the change from your cup holder realize the house is no longer for sale.

Just because it is off the market, does not mean we cannot take a peek inside in the gallery below. 👇

A Look Inside The Largest Home In All Of Montana

This is the largest finished house in Montana located on Flathead Lake

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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