What Is Montana's Least Populated County?

It's no surprise that a state that ranks as the fourth largest state by area, and is the eight least populated is going to have some pretty "empty" counties.

In fact Montana is the third least densely populated state in America which means if you want to get away from people, there is plenty of places to do it here.

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The website World Atlas has taken the census data from 2020 and compiled a list of the least populated counties in America, which finds Montana's newest county ranked in the top 10.

Formed in 1925 after being split from Fergus County into it's own separate entity by the state legislature, it became the 56th and last county to be organized in Montana.


Winnett city hall
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Petroleum County, Montana

Home to just 487 people, with almost half living in the county seat of Winnett, this is Montana's least populated county.

Here's what World Atlas has to say about Petroleum County,

Out of Montana’s 56 counties, Petroleum is the fifteenth smallest. It is also the seventh least populated in the entire United States at 487 residents. It was first established in 1925, although the land originally belonged to various indigenous tribes. Today, approximately 98.8 percent of its population is white. Similar to other counties on this list, oil and cattle raising are its primary industries.

If you're wondering about the rest of the top 10 here there along with their population.

  1. Kalawao County, Hawaii: Population 86
  2. Loving County, Texas: Population 169
  3. King County, Texas: Population 272
  4. Kenedy County, Texas: Population 404
  5. Arthur County, Nebraska: Population 463
  6. Blaine County, Nebraska: Population 465
  7. Petroleum County, Montana: 487
  8. McPherson County, Nebraska: Population 494
  9. Yakutat Borough, Alaska: Population 579
  10. Grant County, Nebraska: Population 623

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