Montanans love Montana. It is something I have written about quite a bit. I think everyone cares about the place they live. Not like Montana resident though, we are a unique breed when it comes to our pride for Montana. I have often told people that I cannot think of another state that people are as proud of, other than maybe Texas.

The Montana flag with the words "loud & proud" next to it

I have also heard from people that are not from Montana that the one thing that separates us from the other states, is how much we do not want you to be here. We are fine with you coming to visit and seeing all the beauty that is the Big Sky. We just want you to go home once you have.

That is how I came up with the idea for these vanity license plates. There is a mixture of plates here that express how we feel about the recent influx of new residents. Then also some plates that if you are not from here, you might not understand.

They are not vulgar or dirty in any way. Are they rude, snarky, or mean? Well a few are sure, but there are some that are just for fun and very Montana-Centric.

It is possible someone out there has these license plates already, but if you like one of them go ahead and use them. We'd love to see them, so make sure you send a photo to us if you do.

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