Agree Or Disagree - Cellphones Need To Be Locked Down During School Hours?

I'm sure most of you, like me, always check to make sure you have your cellphone when leaving the house.

They are just part of our everyday lives, but should our Montana schools be locking them up during school hours so students aren't distracted?

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Two girls looking at a cellphone while in school

Can Students Use Their Cellphone In School Right Now?

Currently, there are no bans or lock downs on cellphone use in school, at least not at the time of this publication.

I inquired about the rules surrounding cellphones, and it's a mixed bag that differs between elementary, middle school, and high school.

Then there are also different rules on a class-by-class basis, where one teacher may allow them but another doesn't.

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A girl sitting on the ground leaning against her locker looks at her cellphone

Are Cellphones A Distraction Or A Much Needed Connection To Parents

The reason I wondered if Montana schools should start a cellphone lock down is that in Washington State, one school has decided to do just that for the upcoming school year.

They'll use a device called a Yondr pouch, which locks the cellphone away only to be opened at the end of the day.

There are still ways to unlock it during school hours should an emergency arise.

One of the reasons this Seattle school has decided to lock phones away is so that teachers, who have enough to worry about during their day, are no longer the ones policing cellphone usage.

But what are your thoughts? Are cellphones a distraction and need to be locked up during school hours, or should students be trusted to know there is a time and a place to be on them?

Email me your thoughts or share them through our app.

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