What Town In Montana Is The Cheapest To Place Live In For 2023?

The low cost of living used to be a huge selling point for living in Montana.

While there were things you sacrificed not being able to experience by living in a "fly-over" state, the low cost of living made that pill a bit easier to swallow.

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Between the rising costs of gas, food, housing, and, well, basically every expense, those sacrifices that were once something that made the low cost of living worth it are beginning to be not worth it.

It can now no longer be considered "cheap" to live in the Treasure State.

Well, at least not in some places around the Big Sky, but thankfully there are a few towns in Montana where the cost of living is still considered to be low.

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Here Are The Top 10 Places With The Lowest Cost Of Living In Montana in 2023

There might be a few of you reading this right now who scoff at the idea that any place in Montana could be considered affordable right now, but according to Niche these are 10 cities that are exactly that.

Now granted by living in these towns you will not be living in the "big cities," and you might be "sacrificing" even more than you used to 20 or even 5 years ago.

However if your goal is save money and you would like to keep your expenses down these 10 low cost of living towns are where you can do it.

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