Where Is The Lowest Point In Montana Found?

Mention Montana to a non resident and I promise you most people will think of the Rocky Mountains raising high above the clouds..

Not many people realize the vastness that is our state, and how the terrain varies from one border to the other.

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That's why when I set out to learn about the lowest point in Montana it was shocking to me to see where it's located.

Obviously I'm talking it being on the western half of the state.

The one that everyone just assumes is full of mountain ranges and high elevations.

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Rocky Mountains at sunrise

Fun Facts About Montana's Lowest Point

Before we reveal the lowest point here are a few fun facts about it.

  1. Scenes from the 2015 Leonardo DiCaprio film “The Revenant” take place at the location.
  2. The location is a safe zone in the book “World War Z” by Max Brooks.
  3. The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge at the location is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Any guesses yet as to the place that's the lowest point in Montana?

A map of Montana with a focus on Troy and a hand place a red push pin in that location

Montana's lowest elevation point is found in Troy

That's right according to A-Z Animals the lowest point in Montana can be found in Troy, Montana.

Here' what they have to say about it,

Nestled deep in the mountain valleys of northwestern Montana, a small town named Troy is the lowest point in Montana. With an elevation of only 1,820 feet, this gem of the Kootenai River is home to around 925 residents. Situated in Lincoln County, this town was originally a fishing village, where Kootenai (Kutenai), Salish, and Piegan Blackfoot tribes would meet.

If you would like to read more about Troy click here.

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