In today's fast paced always on the go world, it's easy sometimes to forget to pack yourself a lunch. That's why I asked you the listeners, "You have 15 dollars in your pocket, where are you going for lunch in Great Falls?"

You guys came up with so many great places in Great Falls to go for a quick and cheap lunch.  I hate to use the word cheap, because that brings up the image of it being low quality.  Thankfully none of the places you picked are ones that you would consider low quality.  These are all some of Great Falls most popular places to eat.

We've got everything on this list from burgers to soups and sandwiches along with tacos and barbecue.

All of these places are open for lunch, and a few are even open for dinner as well. So if you are someone whose schedule is constantly busy, just know you can also enjoy a meal from these places once you're off work and hopefully thing slow down.

Sadly we couldn't list every place you guys suggested, so here are a few honorable mentions before we get to the top fifteen.

Nosh MT Catering

Located at 4307 North Star Blvd #3, Great Falls, MT.  They've just recently opened a storefront so stop by and try a new place out today!

Family Affair Restaurant

A beloved local favorite has re-opened with new owners. You can find them still in their old location at 616 26th St N Great Falls, MT.

Wheat Montana

Not only can you get a great lunch here they serve breakfast and have a drive-thru if you are really crunched for time. Stop by 1116 9th St S Great Falls, MT and see for yourself.

Where's the best place for a good cheap lunch in Great Falls?

We asked "where you would go for lunch if you had $15 in your pocket?" These are the top 15 responses for the best place for a good cheap lunch in Great Falls.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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