Ever since the stack was destroyed in Great Falls, one building has loomed over the Great Falls skyline. You may call it the Milwaukee Depot, or maybe the Great Falls Station. You might even call it by its official title the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Passenger Depot. Whatever you call it, it has been around for a long time in Great Falls.

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It got me thinking, how long has it been here. Well turns out it has been here almost as long as Great Falls itself. First opened in 1908 then rebuilt in 1915 that is well over a century of people staring up at its 135 foot tall tower.

Once passenger cars stopped coming to Great Falls in the 1960's the Milwaukee Depot has seen plenty of changes and new tenants. It has been a mall, there have been bars and restaurants as occupants, now it is home to office buildings.

Through out it all it has stood tall and is honestly one of the coolest architectural buildings in the Electric City.

So with the knowledge we have of its age, it begs the question, what is older?

We are going to be using the 1915 date for the questions below. Why? Well honestly no reason, it is just for fun. Now onto the "quiz", what is older, the Milwaukee Depot or......?

Time for a Pop Quiz: What Came First? The Milwaukee Depot Or...

Which is older, The Milwaukee Depot or.....

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