The World Cup 2022 just finished in Qatar, with Argentina winning their first world cup in 36 years. The next world cup takes place in 2026 and will be coming to America.

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In a first for the World Cup, it will be played in three different countries. America, Canada, and Mexico will all be hosting games during the 2026 World Cup.

Soccer may not be as big in America as it is around the world but it's growing each and every year.  By the time 2026 comes around it may very well have replaced "America's Pastime" as people's favorite sport to watch.

When you add in the fact that the World Cup is coming to America, I would expect a bump in not only popularity but also in those playing it. Parents are more likely to let their kids play soccer than football, citing injury and health as the main reason for doing so.

So where will these games be played?

As I mentioned earlier three countries will be hosting games for the first time in 2026. So, let us get those outside of America out of the way first.

Monterrey, Guadalajara, and Mexico City will be the cities in Mexico. Vancouver and Toronto are the cities in Canada.

That leaves eleven cities in America for the games to be played in. America is not the only place in the world that calls "the beautiful game" soccer, but we are one of only a handful that do, so I find it ironic that these games will all be played in American football stadiums.

Check out the stadiums and cities the 2026 World Cup games, played in America, will be at in the gallery below.

World Cup 2026 in America

Check out where the 2026 World Cup games will be played in America

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