You might have heard about the train that derailed near Quinns Hot Springs recently. There were no injuries reported. Human Injuries. What about the precious cargo?

The news hit the state of Montana like one of our million snow storms this year. Concerns about workers aboard the train and environmental impact were and are a top priority. Our sister station, KGVO, got the inside scoop

After the relief of no injuries or major impact was reported, the famous picture showed up on our feed. The train was carrying beer. So. Much. Beer. 

Now the concern (for Montanans and Missoulians especially) turned to a possible beer shortage. We all remember the shortages that happened during and even after the Covid shutdown. Something like this could absolutely bring us a round two, but luckily it didn't.

I could plainly see that the main beer bottle brands that were spilled and destroyed were mostly Coors Light and Blue Moon. The same distributor carries both these beers, so I reached out to Greg Seiger, the Distributor Sales Exextuive for Molson Coors Beverage Company:

The beer that derailed was headed to Washington and should not affect any Montana availability - Greg Deiger/Molson Coors

So there you have it. It sounds like locally at least, we are all good. Washington on the other hand, not so much.

This accident could have been so much worse. While you never want to hear about anything like this at least nobody was injured, the environment wasn't largely impacted, and Missoula and the state won't be missing any beer shipments soon.

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