The Best Montana Restaurant For Christmas Dinner

Ask someone what Christmas dinner looks like in their mind and people will describe a table full of food with the whole family gathered around it.

Sadly, that isn't always the case for some Montana residents during the holidays.

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There are lots of reasons why people won't be having a Christmas dinner with family.

Perhaps people have gotten sick and don't want to get others sick. Perhaps travel plans have been altered. Maybe your kids are all grown up and this year are going to the in-laws.

Not to mention there are plenty of people who after buying all the presents wrapping them and moving the elf on the shelf for a month are exhausted and don't feel like cooking a holiday meal.


a deflated Santa representing exhaustion

This Montana Restaurant Is Here To The Rescue

For those that need a place to go this Christmas the website 24/7 Tempo have documented the best restaurant in each state to go for Christmas dinner.

When it comes to the Big Sky state Missoula is home to the best Christmas dinner this year. That place is Finn.

They'll be doing both a brunch and a dinner.

Brunch will be from 8a to 1p and then the dinner service will be from 2p to 7p.

So, whether you'll be alone this year for Christmas or just don't want to cook a big meal at least you'll be able to have a fancy dinner to celebrate the season with.

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