Does Montana Still Have The Fastest Growth In America?

Much ado has been made about how Montana saw a huge spike in population growth during the pandemic.

We might not have seen the largest absolute population growth in America but for a few years, percentage wise, Montana was the second fastest growing state in The Nation.

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Montana's population growth saw a huge spike during the pandemic for two big reasons.

They were able to work remotely allowing them to live anywhere, and also it was safe here.

Being one of the largest landmass states with some of the lowest population density in America, made it easy to look at Montana as a safe place to live during a global pandemic.

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Workers Returning To Office

Now that the pandemic is "over," and businesses are calling those that were working remotely back into the offices, is Montana still growing at the rate we once were?

Well the website HomeSnacks has recently done their homework and have released their list of The 10 Fastest Growing States In America For 2023.

People who bemoan Montana losing what made Montana, "Montana", due to outsiders moving in will find happiness in the graph below.

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Montana Now Is 11th Fastest Growing State In America

Yep, Montana has dropped out of the top 10 when it comes to fastest growing states in America.

Sure we're still the 11th fastest growing state, but at least we aren't Idaho

For the second year in a row Idaho continues to see themselves at number 1 with a 23.4% growth from last year.

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