How Much Dough Are Montanans Spending On Pizza?

Almost 4 years after Covid did a number on the health of America, we're still feeling the after-effects of the damage it did on the economy as well.

Prices still seem to be high for not only big purchases like housing and vehicles, but everyday purchases as well, such as gas and groceries.

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Many people have made little changes in their everyday life like choosing to eat out less.

That doesn't we've just stopped eating out completely, and the one food more Americans agree on is getting pizza as our favorite take out.

And not by just a little bit either, American searched for pizza take out on average 309,100 times each month last year, while Chinese take-out was number 2 with only 37,500 searches.

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What Is The Price For A Large Pizza In Montana?

The pizza ordering app Slice released their latest "Slice Of The Union" report and found out that the national average for a large pizza is $17.81.

While prices have gone up for some states, Montana has been lucky and got some good news when it comes to the price of pizza.

Except for North Dakota, Montana, Louisiana, Kentucky and Minnesota, every state was forced to increase the cost of a large cheese pie.

Montanans right now are paying only $16.66. That's the cheapest in the region that Slice considers "West".

If you want the cheapest pizza in America, you'll have to head to Oklahoma, where they pay just $12.70.

Meanwhile residents of Oregon are paying the most in America at $26.94.

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