Fair Foods at the Montana State Fair

Well the Montana State Fair just wrapped up it's 2023 season, and I think we'll hear it was another successful year.

That means it's time for us to start thinking to next year's fair, and today we're talking food.

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There are lots of reasons to go to the Montana State Fair, in fact we gave you 10 reasons to visit this year.

Personally for me, the rides are my favorite reason to go to the state fair each year.

My second favorite reason is all the unhealthy fair food to sample each year.

A woman shows off a corndog at a fair

Sadly, in the two decades I've been attending the Montana State Fair, I've seen some of my favorite foods come and go in that time.

That's why we reached out and asked you,

What food is no longer available at the State Fair that you wish would come back?

We got lots of answers, but there were a few food items that it seems we would like to see make a comeback more than others.

Oddly enough, the most popular answer to our question wasn't a food that you missed, but a game.

A person holds up a sign saying "BINGO"


Yep, Bingo is the one thing that people seem to miss the most at the Montana State Fair.

It would be great if we could bring Bingo back, and all of these fair foods as well.

We can't make any promises but maybe someone at the fair will see just how much we all miss these foods (plus Bingo) and we'll see them again in 2024.

Foods We'd Love To See Return To The Montana State Fair In 2024

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