Can This Really Be Montana's Favorite Sandwich?

Gotta be honest with you, I love a good sandwich.

Plenty of options on what you make one with as well; starting with the bread along with your meat choice, to the different cheeses, even the condiments you choose to finish it off with.

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A sandwich is a staple of lunch in America, but I never thought that a certain sandwich would be the one that Montana residents are googling the most.

That's how the website Zippa, determined the sandwich each state was the biggest fan of.

It seems weird that a career finding website is breaking down what sandwich is a states favorite, but I guess it is sort of connected, since most people pack a sandwich to eat at work.

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A sandwhich with fruit in a lunch box

A Few Different Choices Seem To Be Missing

Now Zippa admits their data is from Google, and what people are searching.

They say this about their methods,

Since we used Google Trends data (based on people searching for things like “grilled cheese” and “grilled cheese recipe”), our data eschews a bit more sophisticated.

While some folks may be googling to upgrade their standard ham and cheese sandwich, a lot of us just slab it on bread and go. Similarly, what may be a lunch box favorite, might not be what we’re seeking to get from a nearby deli.

I think that has skewed the data in the wrong direction, because when it comes to Montana they've found that a tuna sandwich is Montana's favorite sandwich.

I personally love tuna salad sandwiches, I go more for the melts if I'm being honest, but cold are good too.

I just don't believe this is our favorite sandwich.

Where is the Pork Chop Johns, where is the steak sandwich?

I think the reason those weren't listed as our favorite, is we don't need to google those, we know where we want to get one from, or how to make one.

Do you agree or not, let us know through our app or email me your favorite.

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