When it comes to old and famous hotels in Montana, you'll find them all over the Big Sky. Great Falls has the Historic Hotel Arvon. Billings is home to the Northern Hotel. The Pollard located in Red Lodge. Not to mention all the hotels in Glacier National Park. None of them though have the history of the oldest continuous operating hotel in Montana.

Built in 1882, 7 years before Montana was even granted statehood, this hotel is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This luxury hotel goes all the way back to the steamboat era and is located in a town with less than 2,000 people. Not exactly what one would expect to find in such a small town, but a hotel well worth the trip.

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We're of course talking about the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton.


Here's what the FW had to say about the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton,

Fort Benton's Grand Union is the oldest, continuously operating hotel in Montana. At the time of construction, it was hailed as the finest hotel between Chicago and Seattle, the last gasp of luxury for wealthy passengers heading west. Like many grand hotels of the era, the Grand Union lost favor and lapsed into disrepair as the 20th century progressed. Thanks to Jim and Cheryl Gagnon, who purchased the derelict building, the Grand Union reopened in 1999 after a multi-million dollar restoration.

Not only is a fantastic little place to stay when in North Central Montana, plenty of people make the drive just to eat at the Union Grille. Offering a farm to table meal from local producers it's just another reason to visit Montana's oldest luxury hotel.

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