What's the most dangerous car brand in Montana?

When buying a new vehicle in Montana there is plenty to think about, looks, affordability, features, 4WD or AWD.

One feature you shouldn't overlook when it comes to purchasing a new ride is the safety of the car brand.

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If you're looking to buy anytime soon thankfully the website Glass Doctor has researched not only the most dangerous car brands on Montana roads, but also the safest as well.

In this data study, we explore the most and least safe car brands in every U.S. state based on over a decade’s worth of fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

So lets take a look at the results, first for America and then for Montana.

What is the safest car brand in America?

A grey subaru forester

17 states had the Subaru brand as the safest in their state.

What is the unsafest car brand in America?

The rear end of a white dodge charger

In 64% of states the most unsafe car brand was Dodge.

So those are the safest and most unsafe car brands in America, but are the results the same when it comes to Montana?

The 3 safest car brands in Montana

a close up shot of the hood ornament on a Mercedes-Benz

#3. Mercedes-Benz

the steering wheel of a kia vehicle
Photo by on Unsplash

#2 Kia

A White infiniti in a parking lot

1. Infiniti

So, there you have the 3 safest car brands in Montana, now lets find out the 3 most dangerous car brands in Montana.

The 3 least safe car brands in Montana

A White Chevrolet Car Parked on Green Grass Near Trees

#3 Chevrolet

A GMC Canyon Denali in an empty rundown parking lot at sunset
Photo by Steady Hand Co. on Unsplash

#2 GMC

A dodge challenger does a burn out with smoke in an empty parking garage
Photo by iStrfry , Marcus on Unsplash

#1 Dodge

If you'd like to see what other cars are safe and unsafe in other states, check out the full report from Glass Doctor here.

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