What's The Most Historic Restaurant In Montana?

Montana is full of wonderful places to eat, but the place we're about to show you is one that visitors to our state have been enjoying and coming back to for over 110 years.

Built just a few decades after Montana officially became a state, today it's considered one of the most historic restaurants in America.

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The website LoveFood set out to find the most historic restaurant in each state, and it's hard to argue with their selection for Montana.

Why is it so iconic? We'd argue that what makes it so iconic is where it's built and how through the years this place has become such a major tourist destination.

It's also a place that Montana residents make the drive to for themselves as well. So what restaurant did LoveFood pick for most historic in Montana?

The outside of the Belton Chalet in Glacier National Park

The Belton Chalet in West Glacier, MT

Here's why LoveFood choose to include the Belton Chalet in their list,

Built in 1910 to serve the Great Northern Railway, this charming hotel and restaurant sits at the entrance of Montana’s Glacier National Park. In a tradition that stretches back to the chalet’s beginnings, staff often stand out on the balconies to welcome incoming trains. Loved by locals and international travelers alike, the Belton Chalet features an early 20th-century fireplace and a fine-dining menu.

Not mentioned by LoveFood is that the Belton Chalet also now has the Belton Tap Room allowing them to serve a variety of beer brewed here in Montana.

We have a feeling as long as Glacier National Park is one of the most visited places in Montana, the Belton Chalet will continue to entertain visitors to the Big Sky state for years to come.

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