You hear all the time about people moving to Montana and how they try and change what makes Montana, Montana. I wanted to look at the flip side of that, where are people moving to when they leave Montana. More specifically where are Great Falls residents moving to?

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With the popularity of "Yellowstone" and so many people being able to work remotely, Montana has become a popular destination to move to. I mean why would it not be, we are the Last Place Best for a reason. Low cost of living, access to amazing public lands, and friendly people (unless you say you're from California it seems).


There are however plenty of people that have moved out of Montana as well. I wanted to find where the residents of Great Falls were moving to.  Surprisingly enough, most of the people leaving Great Falls were not staying in state. Of the 15 places I list in the gallery below only 2 are cities in the Big Sky.

How far away are we moving?

Most of the places on the list are pretty close to Montana. We're talking the pacific northwest region, but there are a few that are moving to the east or even the south as well. I got my information from the website Stacker, and it shows the amount of people who left Great Falls from 2015 to 2019.

The other neat thing about the information on that site, is that it shows how many people moved from the city Great Falls residents moved to. There are two cities that more people moved to Great Falls than we had move there. Only 1 was a Montana city and I think you'll be surprised which one the second city is.

See the gallery below to find out!

This Is Where Great Falls Residents Are Moving To

We take a look at the top 15 places where Great Falls residents are moving to.

All information is from and credited to the Stacker website.

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