I'm at an age where I grew up in both an analog and digital world.  Xennials are what we're called.  Too young to be considered Gen-X, too old to be considered a Millennial.  I came of age on the internet, and I am at a loss over the point of Neighborhood Facebook Groups.

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I mean I get it in a way. I've seen some great things on these groups from missing pets to video footage of property break-ins.

What I don't get is why every little bump in the night needs to get posted on Facebook.

I've seen things like "Anyone's power out?" "Did anyone hear that loud bang- think it was a gunshot?" and "Door to door salesman going around. I think he might be scouting locations to break into later!" "Whose dog is barking two streets down from me?"

I swear looking at my neighborhoods Facebook group I feel like I'm living next to Gladys Kravitz in every house.  I realize I really showed my age by dropping that pop culture reference.  She was the nosy neighbor on "Bewitched," just so you know.

So am I missing the point of these groups?

Are they supposed to build a sense of community?  That's ironic because you mostly hear how social media and the internet causes people to bicker, fight, and tattle on each other.

Are they supposed to be neighborhood watches? It seems everything is posted after the fact, so I don't know how that works.

So will someone please enlighten me. What is the point of these groups?  Just don't put me on blast in your neighborhood group when you do.

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