This article has been updated as of December 7th 2023

We in Montana know how-to drive in winter. We think nothing of heading out on the roads even if there was a snowstorm just a day before. It is never a bad idea to be safe however.

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Thankfully the state of Montana has us covered when it comes to winter driving. By checking 511MT you can see just what your trip has in store for you.

It is a wealth of information at your fingertips. Everything from road closures, to whether the roads are dry or wet. Also, it shows icy, black icy or just slushy roads.

This is not just handy in the winter either. It is handy for the summer as well. As it can show where potential construction will be happening and if you should plan to reroute your trip.

a woman all bundled up in winter clothes is driving with ice scraped off her windshield

To make it even easier to check while on the go there is now an app you can download.

Here is the Android version.

Here is the Apple version.

We are pretty brave and "Montana Tough" when it comes to winters.  We should not be so brave we are stupid though. With the holiday season upon us there will be lots of "over the woods and through the hills" soon. We suggest you check the conditions before you do. We want you to arrive alive when you travel across our beautiful state, and so do the people expecting you.

So before you go remember to please check the conditions and make your plans accordingly. You do that, we will manage the music for you!

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