I don't even know where to start with this one honestly. I'm just flabbergasted that anyone could say something so sacrilegious about Montana. We might be lacking in some things compared to other states, but the one thing we aren't lacking is fantastic camping.

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That's why when I saw that the website LawnLove.com ranked Montana in the bottom half of all states for camping my head almost exploded. It makes you wonder if they have ever even been to Montana.  I mean look at this picture and tell me that you wouldn't want to camp here.


So how were these rankings made?

There must be some "science" to how they came up with their list right?

LawnLove used 25 different metrics to compile this list, but the main 5 are as follows

  • Access
  • Quality
  • Supplies
  • Safety
  • Affordability

Where did Montana rank for those 5 metrics?

  • Access - #14
  • Quality - #32
  • Supplies - #40
  • Safety - #20
  • Affordability - #48

That put Montana at #32 overall


In fact most of the lower ranked places to camp were in less densely populated states like ours, and here is what LawnLove had to say about that,

These states aren’t necessarily bad for camping. In fact, with lower populations, you might even have less competition and a better chance of scoring a peaceful campsite. Their low rankings are due to a lack of camping locations, attractions, amenities, and supplies compared with the more populated, higher-ranking states.

I was pretty mad at first when I read the headline, but the more I think about it, the more I hope Montana shows up on lists saying we're the worst. That way it keeps all the beautiful places to camp in Montana for us locals.

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