Butte is unfairly the butt of jokes when it comes to Montana city names. We've all heard the jokes and even Beavis and Butt-Head laughed about it in their movie from the 90s. It mostly comes from not understanding the pronunciation, but there are other funny named Montana cities we can have a chuckle at.

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Montana actually isn't to bad when it comes to funny names. I mean there are places like Popejoy, Iowa or China, Texas. How would you like to tell people you're from Hell. Well you could as there is one in Michigan. Imagine the responses you'd get from that one.

Michigan actually has quite a few funny names as they also have Climax and Colon. It makes you wonder who names these places? Well usually they are named after a person or a reason.  Like Climax was named as such because the founders son climbed a tree and said "This caps the climax of everything we saw."
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Seriously the bar must have been so low to naming towns back in the day. While Montana doesn't have anything close to what Michigan has, we also have some that one could consider funny, or at the very least, lazy.

Sure you might disagree with me on some of these, or even think I left some out. If so email me the Montana cities you think have funny names and we'll add them to the list. Remember this list is just for fun.

Keep scrolling to see 15 funny named Montana Cities 👇

15 Funny Montana City Names You'll Love

Most people will laugh at Butte when it comes to funny named cities in Montana, but we think these are just as funny.

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