What's the biggest party college in Montana?

Students will be going back to school here shortly and for some kids in Montana, that means continuing their educational journey in college.

Depending on what college your child will be attending it could be they'll end up at the top party school in Montana.

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We all hope that when our kids go off to college they will be good kids and only go to college to learn.

Sadly we were all younger once too, and I'm not sure about all of you, but I was dumb when I was young.

A man on a stool with a dunce cap

What I mean by that, is I went off to college ready to party.

I didn't worry about my education as much as I worried about when the next party was.

So, it might give some parents pause if they find out their kids will be attending what Niche has determined is the biggest party college in Montana.

How did they come up with the rankings?

Well according to Niche,

The 2023 Top Party Schools ranking is based on student reviews and nightlife statistics. Top party colleges have a vibrant and diverse party scene - they offer fun options both on and off campus and students rate their peers as being fun, friendly, and into partying.

When it comes to party schools you're probably guessing that either Montana or Montana State will top the list, and you'd be right.

But, what school is at the top of the list? Check out the gallery below to find out for yourself. 👇

The Number One Party College in Montana

Niche recently put out their list of the top party schools in the state of Montana according to student reviews and nightlife statistics.

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