Prices For Buying A House In Cascade County Increased In February

If I did not already own a home, I am not sure I would ever be able to afford a home in Montana.

If you are someone who is looking into buying a home in Cascade County, you might not be too happy about the recent news that prices have increased during the month of February.

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What Is Median Cost For A Home In Cascade County?

According to the Great Falls Tribune, the median price of a home in Cascade County increased last month.

Prices increased 4.5% from January to February, and that might seem like a small percentage, but it resulted in a price jump of $17,000, bringing the cost of buying a house to $399,000.

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Cascade County Is Still A Sellers Market

While this price increase seems like a lot and may make people reconsider if now is the time to purchase a house, it really hasn't cooled the market in our region.

As reported by the Great Falls Tribune during February, a house sat on the market for just 77 days, which is only about 2 weeks longer than the national average.

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Median House Prices In Cascade County Are Actually Far Lower Than Whole State

While the median house price in Cascade County has increased compared to the rest of the state, houses are still very affordable here.

The Great Falls Tribune has stated that the median house price across the whole state is now up $602,475.

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