Montana residents are hard working folks. I think it is in our blood passed down from the generations before us that tamed the wild west. Some of the hardest workers you will find in Montana are the ones who make their living off the land.

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TikTok has been in the news quite a bit lately.  Good or bad TikTok has allowed some farming and ranching families show what goes into a days work in Montana. I recently came across just one of those type of videos. It is of a father and daughter putting up some electric fence.

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This girl in the video has no quit in her. She was bound and determined to finish the job she started. Her Dad standing next to her encouraging her the whole time. She does get a bit of help from him at the very end, but you can tell at the end the accomplishment she felt.

I think the video is a good microcosm of how we should all act.  Work hard, be determined to finish the job, but do not turn down help when help is offered. We all need a helping hand at sometime or another, and we all can offer a helping hand when we see it's needed.

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@stufftaradoes_ Reposting because tiktok took it down for being a dangerous act. The fence is not on #AEJeansSoundOn#WorldPrincessWeek#fyp#cowboy#montana#cowgirl#horse#cow♬ original sound - Tara

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