I was not born or even grew up in Montana. I was an adult by the time I moved to Montana. My youth was spent in the neighboring state of South Dakota. I do however think my childhood was like many of those who grew up in a small Montana town.

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The town I grew up in had a population of just over one thousand. 1331 to be exact. Crazily enough during the centennial celebration of my hometown, I found out that the population one hundred years ago was also 1,331. As they say "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

So, while I did not grow up in Montana, I feel the experiences were probably similar to those of you who grew up in Montana.  I was from a small rural agricultural town.  My mother’s side of the family was cattle ranchers, while on my father’s side, it was banking.  My mom was a teacher, my dad did concrete.

When talking about my childhood with friends born in Montana, I realized we all had pretty similar upbringings.  Makes you realize that we as humans are all similar no matter where we are from.

That is not to say everything on this list is exactly what you did, but I bet half of it is.  There are just some things that small-town kids do whether you are from California, North Carolina, South Dakota, or Montana.  The biggest reason for that in my opinion is the fact that most small towns don't have the resources to offer kids that the "big city" has.

So check out my list of the top 10 things all small-town kids did and see how many you did.

Top 10 things every kid who grew up in a small town did

As a small town kid you probably did one of these things

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