Google recently came out with a "Local Year In Search 2022" microsite. So, I went and checked out what we here in Great Falls searched for.

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I was surprised by the top searches that we had. I do not just mean tops in Great Falls, or Montana, I mean tops in the country. No one else searched for certain things as much as we did here in Great Falls.

So, what were some of things we searched for more than anyone else in the nation?

Well, the one thing we searched for more than anyone else was recipes. To be exact it was "breakfast burritos" for which we were searching. No one else searched for breakfast burrito recipes more than us anywhere in the nation.

We also were the place that searched for "Party Stores" near me more than anyone else in the United States. Coming in at number 2 was Eau Claire, WI.

The most searched for animal was the "Golden Eagle."

When it came to music Great Falls wanted to know more about "Country Music" than any other genre.

I was surprised to see that neither the Griz nor the Bobcats came up as a top search.  Another surprise to me was the Yellowstone, for both the show and State Park, wasn't a top search.

Overall, it is a neat little site to waste a few minutes (or hours) on to see what people not just here in Great Falls, but other Montana cities were looking for.

Check out the gallery below to see what the top 10 "Near Me" searches we here in Great Falls were searching for this past year.

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