Montana has seen our population grow quite a bit since the pandemic struck. We've been ranked in the top 10 with almost 2% growth since 2020. Not every one of those people have moved here to find a job, there are plenty that are working remotely.

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I can see the appeal to work remotely in Montana. You get done for the day, you step outside and you can be disconnected from the world in a matter of minutes here. With all the outdoor activities that our state offers, who wouldn't want to work from home in Montana.


It's not all just newly arrived transplants that are working from home in Montana however. Since the pandemic there have been plenty of jobs that have shifted to full time work from home, or even partial work from home.

So just where are people in Montana working from home the most? A article recently listed the 6 counties in Montana that have the most percentage of people working from home.

One reason why Montana became such a popular place for working from home according to the article is,

Cities were more likely to have remote-friendly jobs, according to an OECD analysis, but many rural areas sought to attract workers who could now work from anywhere.

Working from home didn't end either once offices started to open back up as the articles states,

According to another survey from Pew Research Center, 59% of respondents were still working remotely in 2022.

Keep reading below to see the 6 counties in Montana that have the most work from home workers.

Top 6 Counties in Montana Where the Most People Work from Home

Here are the 6 counties that have the most employees working from home.

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