Montana's Snowfall Champions: Top 10 Towns Revealed

Winter finally decided to show up in Montana and we're seeing some of that white stuff on the ground.

Most people inside and even outside of the state know that winters in Montana can be brutal, but what towns see the most snow each winter?

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What those people outside of Montana might not know is just how big Montana is, and that means there are almost two states in one.

By that I mean eastern Montana is a different climate than western Montana and when people think of winter in Montana, they are probably picturing a western mountain town.

When it comes to the top 10 snowiest towns in Montana, those people aren't all that far off, as the majority are located in the western half of the state.

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A man using a snow blower in deep deep snow

Who Gets The Most Snow Each Year In Montana?

If you're wondering how we got this list, it comes from the website Roadsnacks, who also utilized National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA and Saturday Night Science to find the annual snowfall of all towns in Montana.

Before we reveal the 10 snowiest places in Montana, what about the places that get the least amount of snow.

It's no surprise that the top 3 are all eastern Montana towns,

  1. Glendive - 20.1"
  2. Miles City - 30.4"
  3. Sidney - 32.5"

The difference between Glendive and the number 1 snowiest place in Montana is over 4 feet of snow.

Find out where that is in the gallery below. 👇

10 Towns That Get The Most Snow In Montana

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