Where Is One Of The Most Guarded Places On Earth?

North America and the United States of America in particular have quite a few places that are very secure, such as Area 51, Fort Knox, and the White House.

Yet one of the most secure locations, not just in America but in the entire world, is just 4 hours from the southern border of Montana.

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The website MoneyWise put together a list of the 25 most guarded places on Earth.

You'll find things like Air Force One, or the Coca-Cola Vault on the list, but it was the one that came in at #13 that intrigued me.

It's not just the close proximity to Montana, but what it is they are guarding in the location.

A satellite overhead shot of Granite Mountain Records Vault
Google Maps

Granite Mountain Records Vault

Have you ever heard of the Granite Mountain Records Vault in Utah?

Here is what MoneyWise said about the location,

The Catholic Church isn’t the only religious group with amped-up security.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (widely known as the Mormon church) carved the Granite Mountain Records Vault 700 feet inside a mountain near Salt Lake City.

Access is restricted, and the facility is protected by two doors, weighing 9 and 14 tons, designed to weather a nuclear blast.

You might be thinking, "inside a mountain, don't be silly," well take a look at that picture above again, and then the picture below to see that it really is inside a mountain.

A zoomed out satellite overhead shot of Granite Mountain Records Vault
Google Maps

What Is Inside The Granite Mountain Records Vault?

According to MoneyWise,

Inside are 3.5 billion microfilm images and genealogical records. Latter-day Saints believe ancestors who did not hear about the Mormon faith can be baptized by proxy. The deceased can then accept or reject the baptism that was carried out for them.

So while it might be only 4 hours from the southern border in Montana, don't bother trying visiting as there is no public access.

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