6 Montana Hospitals Are Tops In Healthcare

Healthcare in America has plenty that could be improved, from the cost of it, to better access, but by in large, we have got it pretty good compared to other nations.

When it comes to healthcare in Montana, a lot of those same issues apply, but so does the fact that we have got some great hospitals in our state.

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In fact, 6 hospitals in Montana recently have been given some well-deserved recognition as being the best hospitals in the state.

Newsweek recently released the Best In State hospital list for 2024 and 4 of those 6 also received a Patient Satisfaction Award.

The hospital could receive this award from The Joint Commission National Patient Safety Goals. If a hospital scored high for patient experience & safety measures, they were recognized with a Patient Satisfaction Award.

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A doctor and patient hold a valentine heart in their hands together

How Did They Rank These 6 Hospitals?

They actually reached out to the professionals themselves,

From June to July 2023, Statista invited tens of thousands health care professionals (doctors, hospital managers and other healthcare professionals) to an online survey. Participants were asked to recommend leading hospitals in their state and also had the option to recommend hospitals outside their state.

Recommendations for their own employer/ hospital were not allowed.

I think the part about not being able to vote for your own hospital speaks to the credibility of the results.

For now, check out the 6 hospitals in Montana ranked best in The Nation in the gallery below. 👇

The 6 Hospitals In Montana Ranked Best In The Nation

These 6 hospitals are where you want to go if you get sick or injured.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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