Montana is big, like really BIG. It is the 4th biggest state in The Nation. Only Alaska is bigger in size with less population. That means there is a lot of empty spaces in Montana.

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With all that empty space in Montana you will find plenty of places without a paved highway running through it. There is even the entire part of the Montana border with another state where there is not a paved highway at all, just dirt roads.

That place is the border of Montana and South Dakota.

Having family in South Dakota, I have traveled from the Big Sky State to the Mount Rushmore State plenty of times and never once thought about how I could not cross the border from Montana to South Dakota.  It is true though, you have to drop down into Wyoming for a few miles and then you are in South Dakota.

Now there are ways to cross from Montana into South Dakota, but you would be doing it on dirt roads not paved roads.

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Google Maps

There is only one other place in America where there are no paved roads between borders.  The Missouri and Kentucky borders are basically drawn by the Mississippi River and there is no bridge connecting the two. To get across the border for those two states there is a ferry that carries you back and forth between the two.

This is just one more reason why Montana is one of the most unique states in America.

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