The Truth About What Makes A True Montanan

With so many people having moved into Montana in the last few years, you hear all the time about what makes a "true" Montanan.

Some people have only one criteria, be born here.

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While it is hard to argue against that rational, we think there are plenty of people that have moved to Montana and capture the spirit of what it is to be a Montanan.

Now it might be a bit selfish, but honestly, I am going to put myself in that bucket, as I feel I have done just that.

I was born and raised in South Dakota, and outside of a year in broadcasting school in Minnesota, I have lived in Montana longer than anywhere else.

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 Respect What Makes Montana Special

The biggest complaint you hear about all the new transplants is that they left their previous home only to come to Montana and try and make it what they just left.

Most people feel that if it was so good where you just left, why did you leave?

In my case, I came here because I was offered a job, but I stayed because I felt welcomed here.

I feel I've acclimated to the state and respected what makes Montana, well, Montana.

With that in mind, here are 10 ways to prove that you understand what makes Montana special and are an authentic Montanan.

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