Tourist Traps Don't Get Much Bigger And Better Than This

When it comes to tourist traps, I feel I have a good eye for what ones are worth stopping at and what ones are literally traps.

I mean I grew up in South Dakota and Wall Drug is basically the dictionary definition of a tourist trap.

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Now, Montana doesn't have any where near the same number of tourist traps as our neighbor to the east has.

I mean honestly, we don't need to trap people to stop in Montana, people travel here specifically for what we have to offer, including both national parks.

That doesn't mean there aren't a few places that are looking to "trap" tourists into stopping and spending a few bucks.

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Locals Love It, Tourists Hate It

The website BestLife set out to find what the biggest tourist trap in each state in America was.

It's no surprise that when it came to South Dakota they picked Wall Drug.

It's also not a shock that for Montana they picked the 50,000 Silver Bar.

Here's their reasoning behind their choice,

Anytime a place has a claim to fame like "state's largest gift shop," it's probably a tourist trap. If it has a restaurant and a gas station? It's probably a tourist trap. 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar in Haugan, Montana? It has all three. And two casinos, two bars, and a convenience store. The name is derived from the massive silver dollar collection you're surrounded by inside the bar itself.

Today there are well over 80,000 silver dollars, but in our opinion 50,000 just sounds better.

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