Why do people hang bags of pennies in water outside their house?

During the summer months in Montana you may notice something that seems a bit odd hanging up outside some residents homes.

Bags of water with pennies inside them.

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The reason you see those bags of pennies in water is they are a home remedy to keep away some pretty pesky pests that don't get the hint that they are not wanted around.

Those pest? Flies.

When it comes to summer nuisances flies only rival is mosquitoes, but can this bag of pennies keep them away?

How Does a Bag of Pennies in Water Keep Away Flies in the Summer?

A bag water with pennies inside
Joy Home Remedies via YouTube/Canva

Well according to the website Taste of Home,

The eyes on a fly are more complicated than human eyes; for flies, Orkin says their eyes are compound, or made up of thousands of individual lenses that are very perceptive to changes in light.

So, when light hits the bag of water filled with shiny pennies (or even pieces of aluminum foil, in some cases), the thought is that it refracts and confuses the insects. Overwhelmed, they fly away and hang around somewhere else.

Sounds good and hey it's a pretty cheap solution too, right?

Well it might not actually work according to Snopes, which has been debunking internet theories for years.

They say it's "unproven" right now.

I say it doesn't hurt to try.

If you try and have success from it, let us know through the AppChat feature on our app, or on our social media pages.

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