Spend enough time in Montana and it gets deep into your bones. There is just something magical about our state. It's hard to put into words just what it can do to ones soul. Though there have been some people who have had no such issue.

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Montana is not lacking for people, places or things to be inspired by.  The vast diversity that is the Montana landscape is just one way. From the Great Plains in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west, Montana offers plenty for those that live and travel here.


Seeing a post card makes you want to visit and yet; whatever vision you conjure up in your head about what it would be like can never truly match what it feels like when you are actually in it.

There is a version of Montana that I wonder if it is gone. That we are no longer the "Last Best Place" as it seems we are no longer ignored. Montana was once a seemingly distant land for some. A place untouched and unspoiled. A place either forgotten or passed by, and Montana residents were perfectly happy with it being that way.


Now it seems everyone is hip to the Big Sky Country and sadly just a little bit of that romanticized version of Montana dies with it.

I did not set out to write a love letter to Montana, but that is what this state does to you. It touches you, it changes you and once it does it never leaves you.

You'll see from the quotes below just how much this state seeps into you and how Montana is truly the best state in The Nation.

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