Montana is picturesque and plenty of film makers over the years have agreed.  In researching this article, I came across 72 movies that have been set in Montana.  The funny (and perhaps tragic) thing however, is not all those movies were actually filmed in Montana.

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The movie "Bus Stop" staring Marilyn Monroe starts off with two cowboys hopping on a bus in Timber Hill, but filming took place in Idaho.

"Jurassic Park" would be the top movie on our list, grossing over one-billion dollars in box office totals. However, we chose to omit the blockbuster film because the scenes set in Montana are so brief that if you blink, you miss it.  Not to mention the actual filming of the Montana scenes were shot in California. Go figure.

There have also been movies that took place in Montana, but not in any real city or location in the Big Sky State. "Sonic The Hedgehog" takes place in the fictional town of Green Hills, MT.  Had that movie been from a real place, it would have been the 2nd biggest box-office movie on our list.

Granted we're taking a few liberties with some of the movies here. They won't all be flicks primarily set in Montana, or movies shot completely in Montana. These are films where a big part of the plot, or primary filming, revolve around Montana.  If you want to suggest other movies you feel we missed, let us know on our social media pages.

Stick around at the end for a bonus 11th movie that just missed out on the top 10 biggest Montana box office hits.

Top 10 biggest box office movies set in Montana

There have been plenty of movies set in Montana. See our list of the top 10 biggest box office movies set in Montana.

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