It's Almost Time For Trick Or Treating In Montana.

When it comes to holidays in my family Halloween might just be our favorite.

We've already got our whole house decorated for the season and my kids have been asking daily if it's time to go trick or treating.

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There is so much to do during the fall season in Montana, from corn mazes to haunted houses and even just driving around to see all the Halloween decorations in the neighborhood yards.

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But when it comes to fall fun, nothing tops getting dressed up in your costume and going door to door trick or treating and filling up your pumpkin pail full of candy.

If, however, you are the one handing out the candy during this Halloween, you may notice a few kids come to your door holding a blue pumpkin pail and wondering what it means.

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What Is The Meaning Behind Blue Pumpkin Pails?

According to Readers Digest the reason you'll see kids carrying blue pumpkins this Halloween is because of the following,

Primarily, blue pumpkins are used by families and caregivers to signal to others that their child is on the autism spectrum (and that trick-or-treating exchanges may present unique perplexities for them) to prompt neighbors to be more aware of the situation in the moment.

Some kids on the spectrum might be non-verbal so they won't be saying trick or treat at the top of their lungs when they ring your doorbell.

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When it comes to Halloween at our house, if you ring our doorbell, you're getting some candy. We don't care if you young or old, dressed up or not, say trick or treat or say nothing you'll get some candy.

Because at the end of the day, everyone should have fun on Halloween, and we as a community should be happy they are taking part of something fun and safe.

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