Do You Know Someone Who Still Mails Checks?

When it comes to writing checks, I honestly can not remember the last time I did.

It's probably a good thing I stopped writing checks, because apparently it's no longer a safe and smart idea in Montana.

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A woman sits at the kitchen table writing checks to pay bills

Sending Checks Through The Mail Could Drain Your Bank Account

While a majority of people have moved to debit cards, or even services like Venmo and PayPal to pay their bills or transfer money, there are some people still writing out checks.

It's fine if you want to write a check at the grocery store or put in a card that you'll be handing to the recipient personally.

The issue starts once you put that check in the mail, and it ends up in the hands of criminals.

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A dark hair man with his face blurred by a black bar steals mail from a mail box

The United States Postal Inspection Service Warning To All Montanans

Leave it to criminals to work harder at not actually working than just being on the up and up.

On the United States Postal Inspection Service’s website you'll find information about a tactic that these criminals use called "check washing."

Basically some meth addicts found out that if you soak checks in just the right type of chemical those hand written checks will have the ink removed.

So what do you do if you still want to mail checks? According to the Better Business Bureau, you should only use pens that are considered "gel-ink" pens, as these have longer lasting black ink than that of a normal pen.

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