21 Unique Items That You Absolutely Can Mail In Montana

While the amount of mail we ship in America has seen an almost decade-long decline, we are still shipping plenty of mail each year.

We may never again reach the 2006 peak of 216 billion items shipped; in 2023, there were still over 116 billion items shipped.

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Packaging Service and Parcels on a Conveyor Belt

What We Mail Today In Montana Has Also Changed

While some people still practice the art of letter writing, most have moved to electronic mail when wanting to communicate with another person.

The majority of what gets shipped in America is packages containing purchases made while online shopping.

But there are some items that don't even need a box or envelope when mailing in Montana.

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A mailman in their mail truck puts letters into a mail box

Some Of These Items Come Included With Their Own Package

When it comes to mailing in Montana, really all you need is a label and the proper amount of postage, and your item will arrive at its destination.

Because it's that simple to mail a package, the website Buzzfeed found 21 items that might shock you to find out you can mail, some of which don't need any extra packaging.

My kids have gotten a few of these from their grandmother, and the amount of laughing they do when they arrive makes it worth whatever it costs to ship.

So the next time you want to brighten someone's day, try shipping on one of these 21 unique items found in the gallery below. 👇

21 Unique Items That You Absolutely Can Mail In Montana

According to Buzzfeed these 21 items can absolutely be shipped in Montana. Some of them just need a label slapped on them and they're ready to be mailed.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

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