Ticks in Montana

Montana is one of the best places in America to get outside and enjoy nature.

Unfortunately getting outdoors also means the potential for ticks.

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We're right in the middle of tick season, which runs from spring to fall, with most bites happening late April until the end of July.

According to the website A-Z Animals, Montana is home to 3 distinct species of ticks to be on the lookout for after your next outdoor adventure.

American Dog Tick

An American Dog Tick latches on to a blade of grass

Found mostly in eastern Montana, these ticks like to hang around on grass blades waiting for their next victims.

Primarily preying on deer, they'll also latch onto dogs and humans.

Humans are in danger of Rocky Mountain spotted fever which these ticks can transmit.

Rocky Mountain Wood Tick

A Rocky Mountain Wood Tick sits on a leaf

From their name you should be able to deduce these ticks will be found in western Montana, and one of the most common ticks in Montana

While smaller than the American Dog Tick, their victims are the mostly the same.

Raccoons, deer, dogs and humans are potential hosts.

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is possible with these ticks, but more so you should be concerned with Colorado tick fever.

Brown Dog Tick

A Brown Dog Tick sits on a leaf

When you think of ticks you think of tall grass or wooded area, but this lesser know tick likes to reside in your home, especially those in which a dog can be found.

While these ticks rarely bite humans, they still do have to potential to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

One good thing about Montana and ticks is you won't find any Deer Ticks here, thus we don't have worry about Lyme disease.

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