No-Fault Grounds for Divorce in Montana, What You Need To Know

You may have heard how in America 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

That is not entirely true, but if you or some one you know have been thinking of a divorce there are a few things you should know.

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Divorce Statistics in America

Going back to the 50% of marriages ending in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association or APA the probability of your first marriage ending in divorce is only 33%.

That number jumps all the way up to 60% however for your second marriage.

If you get married a third time, well the chances you'll end up getting divorced for that marriage is a whopping 73%.

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Montana is a No-Fault Divorce State, But What Does That Mean?

When getting a divorce in Montana, the state is a strictly "No-Fault" divorce state.

Here's what that means according to the website Montana Law Help:

In Montana you do not have to show that one person is at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. Your spouse does not have to agree to get a divorce. And, you do not need to prove that there has been wrong-doing by one of the spouses.

There are 4 other ways you can file for divorce, cruelty, desertion, adultery, and imprisonment.

The only hurdle for filing for divorce in Montana is being a resident of Montana for at least 90 days.

Once again according to Montana Law Help:

Either spouse may file for a Dissolution in Montana only if Montana has jurisdiction over your case. Montana has jurisdiction over your Dissolution if one spouse has resided in Montana for at least 90 days before filing a petition.

While no one is hoping their marriage ends in divorce, knowing the steps one needs to take if they want one is good knowledge to have.

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