As we're now in the Dog Days of Summer here in the Electric City, our local dog park will be closing for their annual maintenance on July 13th.

In a press release given to KRTV, the City of Great Falls Parks Manager, Lonnie Dalke said “The park closure is a short term inconvenience with a long-term benefit. We have to remember to look at the big picture and take care of our community amenities, like the dog park. Regular maintenance and repairs like these benefit all of us, including our pets.”

While it's never fun to show up to the dog park with an excited dog ready to run off some energy, only to find it closed or unavailable, these annual maintenance closures ensure the parks viability for years to come.

Having spent many a summers day (along with plenty of spring and fall days) at The Pacific Steel & Recycling Trailside Dog Park, we are lucky to have not only such a wonderful place to bring our four legged friends to get exercise safely, but one our city cares about maintaining.

I have had numerous conversations with out of town visitors who have been happy and relieved to find out they had a place to let their dog be a dog while visiting.  To hear how some places don't even have dog parks, it once again brings a smile to my face that our town offers these amenities to their citizens.  Even more so that they care about making sure they are around for future generations to come.

If you have any questions regarding the closure, or any parks related questions, you can reach the Great Falls Park & Recreation Department at 406-771-1265 or visit their website.

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