Some people turn their noses up at a Dollar Store, thinking they are too good for it. But if you buy the right things there you can save some serious money, and that's something I think we all are thinking about lately. That said, there are some items that you might want to stay away from.

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When I was younger and just starting in radio, the dollar store was a life saver for someone with not a lot of disposable income. Through trial and error I soon realized what items were good to purchase and what items you should leave on the shelves at the dollar store.

Sadly, the days of the items being a dollar are gone, as it the store announced that prices would be $1.25 going forward.  Turns out it's actually been a good thing for them, allowing them to sell other items that used to be above the $1 threshold. I don't mind the increase, I just liked the $1 price point as it was easy to know what you could spend, and then didn't have a pocket full of change after.


So while the Dollar Tree has seen it's bottom line improve and customers now have the ability to shop for new items; there are a few items that you should leave on the shelves when shopping at a Montana Dollar Tree.

These 11 Items You Should NEVER Buy At A Montana Dollar Store

The Dollar Tree can be a great place to save some much needed money. According to Bob Vila's website, there are 11 items that you should NEVER buy and just leave on the shelf.

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