Which Great Falls House Would You Choose?

I am not much of a reality TV watcher, but I will admit, I have gotten sucked into watching a few episodes of House Hunters.

So, I thought, let us try it out with some Montana houses, more specifically house in Great Falls.

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Median Home Prices In Cascade County

Recently, the Great Falls Tribune published a story that said the median home in Cascade County was now priced at $450,000.

Since that is the now median price, I figured that would be the price that we would look at for our 3 houses during our "hunt."

Easier said than done because I could not find three house that were still for sale all at the $450,000 price range.


Houses For Sale In Great Falls, Montana

Instead, we will be looking at houses costing $450,000, $460,000 and $465,000.

Each house is unique and offers a little something different from the other.

The years these houses were built as follows, two houses that were built in the 1960's, and then we also have one that was built this year.

So, how we will do this is we will showcase you the houses as house 1, house 2 and house 3 in the gallery below.

Then on social media or through our App you can make your pick on what house you would buy if you were in the market.

Cue the theme music and let us begin!

GF House Hunters: Which Great Falls House Would You Pick?

We'll show you 3 houses in Great Falls then you let us know which one you would pick on social media or on our app.

Gallery Credit: Nick Northern

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