Great Falls Montana Takes A Lot Of Undue Ridicule

There are 2 Montana towns that it feels like everyone in the state pokes fun at.

One is Butte due to their name, and the other is Great Falls, and I'm not sure why.

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The website Niche allows people to rate their hometown on all sorts of different metrics, such as school ratings, crime ratings, jobs, cost of living expenses along with healthcare and nightlife.

It is a great resource for those looking to make a move and finding out all they can about the potential new home.

Of course when allowing people to rate online, that also means you'll going to get some 1 star ratings as well, and today we're going to take a look at 11 of them.

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A man gives a 1 star rating

Remember WE Are Not The Ones Who Rated Great Falls A One Star

We want you to know, that we DO NOT agree with these ratings, we think Great Falls is a fantastic place to live, work and raise a family.

Are there warts, of course, but at the end of the day Great Falls is home, and we're proud of our town.

The following 11 people, maybe not so much. Also we have not edited or altered these ratings at all.  All errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling are from the authors themselves.

  • "It's interesting that there placed on Earth remain uninhabited and yet Great Falls actually exists. Anyone who says it's nice either hasn't been anywhere else, is lying to themselves to ease the pain, or is really just that ignorant and fits in well with the locals. If you want to live in Great Falls, you better have a strong spiritual foundation, otherwise you will find out why we have some of the highest levels of alcohol abuse and suicide in the United States. You can't have nice things here, the wind and weather ruins everything. Life becomes an endless cycle of trying to maintain and prepare for the four or five days when its actually nice and you can go do something for fun. Its expensive here. Don't be fooled, wages are low and yet the cost of living is the same as most places. Things here just don't work, it's as if people don't consider quality of life. Nobody takes responsibility for things and it will never change. I would literally rather be anywhere else."
  • "Raised here and have lived in other states. Moved back due to family and dying to leave. Harsh LONG winters, nothing to do in town unless you’re into drinking beer or wine, gambling at the endless casinos and dining at rundown local American restaurants. Don’t waste your money at Sonic, Denny’s or KFC since you either wait way too long or the food is inconsistent . The national chain fast food places are teaming with idiots or people just released from prison. There are a few ambitious establishments popping up but overpriced and full of pretentious crowds. The downtown area which is one street called Central Avenue has maybe 2 blocks of newer establishments but be prepared to encounter the many drunk and methed out transients/mentally ill loiterers. It’s common to see people sleeping on the sidewalk or any grassy area near Gibson Park or downtown.
    If you’re a single person making an average wage good luck affording a house here! Schools are mediocre and there’s a lot of elderly here."
  • "I have been here since March 2021 & at first Great Falls seemed to be okay. The longer I have been here the more I realize that even though there is a bunch of "stuff" here, the town offers very little. I don't have kids, so I don't know about the schools. There are plenty of grocery stores to choose from here. It seems as if there are casinos on every block & you would think that with all those casinos, the taxes wouldn't be so bad. Not the case here.There are 3 laundry mats in Great Falls & they are all DUMPS. Mostly broken, non-working machines. The working machines do so just barely.There are 3 RV parks here, 2 are seasonal, 1 is year round. The one that is year round is just barely functional. The owners don't like spending money. It's all about making the money.Rents here are outrageous for what you get. High priced trash.This is the overall theme of Great Falls. Make the money, but give nothing. Would I want to live here? Not hardly. The place is basically a dump."
  • "Corrupt backwards city. Not good for families. The school system is a joke. The property crime is awful. Nothing but bars and casinos. No growth and if you expect to make money you better know someone. Awful justice system as well. It was better in the 90s now its gone to pot. Its one big huge retirement community that caters to military and cops. Superficially friendly people wih nothing and I mean nothing going on. Terrible place to raise kids...."
  • "Lived here since 94 Same old , Same old . Nothing new in GF no good jobs , food , night life , no culture except western art . Close to the outdoors is a lie , the damn wind never stops blowing and beating the crap out of you . This town is focused on the ELDERLY not the young or anything in between . Recently we had a woman get abducted while walking home and a Casino full of people that was shot up with several dying and the cops killing the shooter on my kids school play ground . Ya Great place to live and raise a family ! NOT !!! I am trying to move asap"
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  • "I don't feel safe, Send Help, Meth heads everywhere and the DEA needs to get up in this place. The schools are not a safe place if you don't want to get shot or stabbed."
    10. Only two seasons, frigid and forest fire smoke
    9. Too many people think they're classy and cultured but they're clueless
    8. Too many rude, disrespectful, destructive kids with no parental control
    7. Too few good jobs that pay a living wage
    6. Can only get one of the good jobs by kissing somebody's rear end, skills & talent aren't appreciated in Great Falls
    5. At least one of your neighbors is likely on meth, coke, heroin or all three
    4. If you work, your taxes support that same neighbor who's probably collecting welfare while doping up
    3. Local politicians are corrupt, some more than others. Those that claim they're honest have been far from it
    2. The town is run by a syndicate of cronies who act like they're mafioso
    1. Most Great Falls residents don't give a crap about #2-#9"
  • "Corrupt, drug addled small town. They rely so heavily on federal funds that if you sneeze wrong DCFS is involved. It was pretty good in the nineties but since the turn of the century it has gone downhill. No jobs, even if you have an education. Lots of meth and alcohol problems. Nothing but casinos old people and low income housing. You can retire here but you will not make money unless you’re government in some capacity. The court, police, jails are corrupt. Great Falls eats it’s poor and keeps poverty in place. If you have children Run! I know families who have massively improved their lives by leaving this place. I seriously think that is why the drug problem got so bad here. There is no economic upward movement it really did use to be a pretty cool place to live. If you’re military stay on base for the most part and hang with base people. Do not go out on the civilian economy unless you’re already a government employee. You will be destined for a life of poverty if you do."
  • "Great falls sucks! Nothing for kids to do and the city is over regulated. crime is getting bad as the city would rather waste tax money than have adequate law enforcement for its population, jobs are low wage, hospitals over charge. Do not buy property in greatfalls as the city uses you as their welfare system and if they run low on money to waist they just pass levys against home owners. Place is just corrupt and full of meth heads."
  • "I have lived here since I was 12 and graduated from Great Falls High which was a horrible high school experience , it is the worst place I have ever lived . The town is filled with racist , religious biggets ! It has no concern for making it a good place for young people or familys to live in unless you're religous and drink the same kool aid as these people and have the same beliefs. Dont try to be an individual or have your own opinion you'll get crucified . Its a bad place to open a small business and doesnt offer anything to its younger citizens other than drinking and drug problems . Winter takes up most of the year with horrible weather and high winds constantly . I am finally moving out of state ! If I ever come back to Montana Great falls will not be the place I return to . I'm moving my family to get my 3 kids out of this town ."
  • "This is a very old city. Downtown is very old and not up to date. There is nothing much to do here in this little town. Most of this town is occupied because of the Air Force base here in great falls. It is extremely cold in the winter and the wind makes it worse. I would definitely never want to live here"
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